Friday, May 28, 2010

don't go to openings if you don't like crowds, lady... try a sunday arvo

I came to see artworks, not ‘arteests’- by Phoebe Vidler

I have a bone to pick with the Sydney art-scene. After attending countless gallery openings at places such as China Heights (don't get me wrong though, China Heights itself is not the issue here) I have come to notice two things; one- that free beer, in abundance, is a definite crowd magnet, and two- that nobody actually goes into the small, stuffy and ridiculously overcrowded room with the intent of actually looking at and appreciating art.

What is the point of an art gallery if I find myself constantly having to ask people to ‘please move’ so I can see the photograph/print/painting which has been hidden entirely by the 80’s getup of the supposedly style-conscious twat who stands directly in front, not even acknowledging it as they are too busy socialising with their too-skinny Ray-Ban Wayfer clad friends? Since when was the sole purpose of an art-opening to scarcely be able to shuffle around, off your tits on free-beer (I must admit delving into the free beer myself after I realised there was no chance of viewing any actual art, hell, why completely waste the evening) ignoring all the paintings while you’re pressed up against by copious amounts of ‘arteests’ whose conversation turns out to be as predictable and narcotic as a crazy old cat lady, and would be bordering on pretentious if even they knew what the hell it was they were blabbering on about.

Not to mention suffering from severe cases of claustrophobia and lack of ventilation as usually the only windows are already occupied by smokers and the more intelligent members of the crowd who pre-anticipated the apparent lack of air (clearly they’ve attended a few openings in their time).

Can we please have a ban on ‘arteests’ at gallery openings from now on unless they wish to actually view the art they so fervently endorse? It would be nice to see some of that ever so elusive art for once.


my feelings as co-owner of china heights: if you don't want to mingle with the people that form the scene you are investigating, don't go to opening night functions! if you are there 'solely' to appreciate the art, go on the weekend, by yourself.

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