Monday, February 14, 2011


Shibuya backstreet bonus! Gusto and I were walking around in the freezing cold last night, listlessly going from combini to combini, when we heard some familiar jelly bean crushing sounds, coming from the street speakers of an "English Pub". 'Twas none other than "I'm Bad" by LL COOL J, from the early Def Jam days. 'Twas also the only music I enjoyed the entire night. We stood around for it's entirety (even though Gusto confessed he was never down with the shouting era of rap). Got me hyped for another "Tougher than leather" screening. Here's the clip, check LL's wacky running style during the intro. He's bad. Also mega-noteworthy is LL's rage, around the 0:27 point. Oh! And don't miss the tender homie wardrobe change at 1:58. E-Love in the house!

Fun fact: I learnt to dance from this clip!

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